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Olympic Weightlifting Seminars

Coach Chris Douglas

Coach Chris Douglas

Paramount Barbell Club periodically hosts Olympic Weightlifting clinics to provide athletes – and coaches – from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond with an opportunity to improve and refine their techniques.

We provide 3 different and unique seminars ranging from athletes, coaching specific and our new weightlifting plus functional movement seminar throughout the year.

  • Olympic Weightlifting Athlete Clinic
  • Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Clinic
  • Olympic Weightlifting/Functional Movement Seminar

To host a weightlifting seminar at your gym taught by Coach Chris, please email We’re getting great feedback, see what the gym owners and athletes are saying!

Olympic Weightlifting Athlete Clinic

Coach Chris at Paramount Barbell Club wants to offer you an opportunity for a dedicated 3.5-hour session to refine and improve your weightlifting technique. Coach Chris will share his knowledge and help you achieve those heavier lifts with better technique. We will be covering techniques to help you as an individual athlete. We will break down the lifts to find problem areas, make corrections and assign exercises to help improve your weaknesses and put it all together during the lifting session at the end.

Snatch and Clean: Learning and teaching the positions from the top down
Position 1 from the hip (aka power position)
Position 2 from the knees
Position 3 from the floor (aka full lift)
Using the segment approach, we can build consistency with an athlete’s movement patterns to improve comfort, confidence and overall feel of the lifts.

The Jerk: Teaching the jerk requires a lot of consistency.
We will cover a wide variety of exercises used to learn proper positions of the jerk. How to understand movement deficiencies and cues to improve movement patterns.

Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Clinic

A 5-hour clinic that includes everything the Athlete Clinic does and the following;

The lifts will be taught from a coach-to-athlete perspective at each position. Once the attendees have covered the first position to a point of movement consistency, Coach Chris will break it down from a how-to, coach perspective. We will use athletes/coaches as examples while performing the lifts on how to recognize deficiencies in technique and the proper cues to address and fix the issues. We will carry on in this matter through all 3 positions with both the snatch and clean.

This clinic is designed to show coaches how to teach the movement in segments for long-term success, teach coaches how to identify bad movement patterns, learn and use cues properly (not over coach), and to become better athletes themselves.

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

A 6-hour clinic $120/athlete (6-¬Ĺ hours including a 30 minute lunch break at midpoint)

Snatch and Clean: Teaching the positions from the top down.
Position 1 from the Hip aka (power position)
Athletes will learn how to develop power and then speed under the bar from this position while learning to to maintain a close bar path.
Position 2 from the Knees
Athletes will learn to maintain a tight/flat back, how to adjust the hips before extension and to maintain a good bar path
Position 3 from the Floor aka (full lift)
Athletes will learn the best set position for their body type, how to pull with a slower more controlled first pull to help maintain proper bar path.

The Jerk: Teaching the jerk can require a lot of drills and cues.
Athletes will learn how to properly rack the bar, how to maintain a good balanced position in the dip, as well as in the extension and then to receive the bar in a split.

This clinic is designed to teach athletes the movement in segments for long term success, teach athletes how to identify and recognize their own inefficient movements patterns, learn and use cues properly, and to become better athletes themselves.

Coach Chris is the head coach of Paramount Barbell Club and a Level One USAW Sports Performance Coach. He has coached two athletes to qualify for the  American Open, one athlete to qualify for 2014 Nationals, another athlete to qualify for 2015 Youth Nationals, as well as personally competing in the 2013/2014 American Open and placing 12th at the 2014 Senior Nationals. He also has traveled extensively in order to spend time learning from some of the best National/International Level Olympic Weightlifting Coaches in the country.