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New Teen Weightlifting and Sports Performance Class!

Teen Weightlifting and Sports Performance

We are pleased to introduce our new Teen (ages 13-18) Weightlifting and Sports Performance Class this September!

This class is designed to teach teen athletes the proper form and technique for lifting weights including olympic style movements (snatch, clean & jerk) to assure they stay safe and healthy. Any teen who wants to compete in scholastic sports should have a background in weightlifting to help build strength, increase bone thickness, improve motor control, body awareness and general athletic abilities. Olympic Weightlifting movements are the corner stone to any high level strength and conditioning program for advanced athletes but can be for any level athlete looking to improve.

Athletes who participate in Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling and Golf can benefit greatly from a solid performance training program. Come in today and meet with our team of coaches to learn more about this new program!


Tuesday and Thursdays 430-530pm
Saturday 9-10am



Austin Snatch

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