USA Weightlifting

Paramount Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Clinic

3-hour weightlifting clinic designed for coaches
Sunday May 17th, 9am – 12 noon
Fee: $60

The lifts will be taught from a coach-to-athlete perspective at each position. Once the attendees have covered the first position to a point of movement consistency, Coach Chris will break it down from a how-to, coach perspective. We will use athletes/coaches as examples while performing the lifts on how to recognize deficiencies in technique and the proper cues to address and fix the issues. We will carry on in this manner through all 3 positions with both the snatch and clean.

This clinic is designed to show coaches how to teach the movement in segments for long-term success, teach coaches how to identify bad movement patterns, learn and use cues properly (not over coach), and to become better athletes themselves.

For more information or to reserve your spot, email Coach Chris.

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