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Paramount Barbell Club Teen Hardship Program

This is probably the most important post I will ever make. For nearly a year now, I have been running a ‘Teen Hardship Program‘ at my gym, and I am ready to expand the program and reach out to even more kids. I am particularly fortunate that my gym, CrossFit Paramount, is located just a half mile from a low income housing community that was the perfect place to reach out to when first launching my program. I was able to find kids that would be considered at-risk. I truly believe lives can be changed for the better when someone cares enough to give these kids an opportunity to succeed that they might not normally have because of family circumstances. Each kid I reached out to was given a scholarship to cover their gym membership to attend classes twice a week. For nearly a year now, I have seen kids come and go, and I have also seen kids commit and show up on a regular basis since the beginning. The transformation they are experiencing is life-changing, not just for them, but for our entire community here at the gym.

Moving forward, knowing what I know now and learning how I can help even more, I am planning a series of fundraising events to help build the program to reach more kids and offer training more days of the week. We are bumping the program up from two days to four days a week and offering more options for class times each day. Although the program started by offering CrossFit, the kids have shown to really love the weightlifting part of the program  so I will be expanding the program to offer those interested an opportunity to train specifically with weightlifting. Our fundraising will be to raise money for proper weightlifting equipment, proper workout attire including lifting shoes and singlets for completion as well as to fund their scholarships.

I would love to see people help by donating, but just as importantly, I would love to see people share this post to help us gain exposure for our program. This is really important to me and I am incredibly appreciative of everyone willing to help me out, either through a direct donation or by participating in forthcoming multiple weightlifting clinics hosted at my gym, CrossFit Paramount, with all the proceeds going to the program. In addition, I will also be hosting a weightlifting competition and a separate CrossFit competition to raise funds. Please, please, please take the time to share this post and let’s change some teen lives for the better!!!!

Please visit for more info or to donate.

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