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“My coaching staff recently participated in Coach Chris Douglas’ training series.  Ballard CrossFit is for its dedication to expert coaching, so hiring Chris was a no brainer for our team.  As a company, we are dedicated to improving our coaching in order to provide a world class experience to our athletes. Coaching coaches is not easy- but Coach Chris brings a unique style and a foundation in lifting that is unmatched by any of the coaching clinics we have experienced in the past.  He has an ability to help even seasoned coaches spot, and correct lifting errors.  Perhaps his greatest skill is meeting coaches and athletes at their level, and working up from that point.  You will have the same great experience regardless if you are brand new to olympic lifting or have years of experience under your belt.  I highly recommend this series for any group of coaches interested in fine tuning not only their coaching ability but their own personal lifting technique.  We consider Coach Douglas an asset to our company and a friend.  Thank you Chris for working with us!”
—Paige Wager, Owner, Ballard Crossfit

“We have had Chris out to visit us at SnoCo twice in the last six months. Chris was wonderful and shared his knowledge and passion of Olympic lifting with our members (and even some visitors from other gyms too!). The improvements were astonishing as each member got to spend some one-on-one time with Chris after he did a great overview with the group. We had a few new members sign up for the class and it was nice to see how patient Chris was with starting from the beginning on both the clean and the snatch. He also had great tips and pointers for our more skilled members and coaches. We will definitely be inviting him to come back again this summer!”
—Holly McVey, Owner, SnoCo CrossFit

“Chris Douglas is a phenomenal coach. He has such a large breadth of experience and knowledge and teaches it in a calm and effective manner. We had a great afternoon breaking down each piece to our Olympic Weightlifting Movements, working on better technique and positioning. We had a very large group, which allowed for everyone to be able to see many other body types and styles, how they move and what cues work best. I’ve had the pleasure of working out with Chris from time to time over the past few years and I commend him on his consistency and passion for fitness. Whether in a seminar or working out side by side, he has a great eye and communicates in a way that is efficient, right to the point and accelerates results. Chris had mentioned during the seminar that this was around his 30th seminar and that we were lucky it wasn’t one of his first because he has grown so much more as a coach since then. A couple seminar attendees had brought this to my attention as well, expressing that they had taken one of his seminars maybe a year or so back and they were very happy and impressed with their experience, and had learned even more the second time around. I recommend anyone looking to get better at CrossFit or Olympic Lifting, to take his seminar as soon as you can!”
—Alex Konicke Owner/Head CF Coach/GM Reign City Fitness–CrossFit Downpour Bellevue, WA

“We invited Chris from Paramount Barbell Club to host an Olympic weightlifting clinic at our box. From the planning and setup, things went really smoothly. The number of available spots filled up no problem as we have been starting to develop our own barbell club. The 3 hour clinic was highly successful because not only did he improve our athletes at various levels, Chris also helped us from a coaching standpoint. The teaching cues and style he shared with us for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk has been adopted by our own coaches ever since. The new found knowledge and excitement within our community was enlightening for our CrossFitters and a perfect jump start to our Barbell Club. Chris is very professional and accommodating. His teaching skills are top notch! We look forward to working with him again soon.”
—Dustin Gyurina, Owner, Carson CrossFit, Carson CA

“Coach Chris’ Olympic Lifting clinic was awesome and really valuable for our gym members! He does a great job of breaking down the mechanics of the lifts and drilling the positions, so that attendees get a lot of repetition and practice. Everyone (whether beginner or intermediate athlete) was able to take something away from the clinic, and it showed immediately in our group classes. It is definitely worth your time and money to attend as a CrossFitter and/or host a clinic as a gym owner!”
—Emily Shubin, Owner, CrossFit Phinney Ridge, Seattle WA

“Chris Douglas and the Paramount Barbell team did an amazing job taking two advanced lifts like the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and making them into easy to understand and execute lifts in a short amount of time. Not only did the coaches learn simple coaching cues that made sense to the athletes, the athletes were able to immediately apply these cues and techniques to their lifts. I would highly recommend everyone attend a Paramount Barbell clinic!”
—Jake Maslin, Owner/Coach, CrossFit Code Red, Hillsboro, OR

“Storm King CrossFit had the pleasure of having Coach Christopher Douglas at our Box for his Olympic Weightlifting Clinic. The focus of this clinic was to have Coach Christopher hone the eye and lifting technique of 13 Storm King CrossFit’s coaches. Having been to multiple weightlifting seminars, this one was just what we needed. It had just the right amount of discussion but was mainly comprised of hands-on tactile learning. The structure was very similar to the CrossFit L2 course. I would highly recommend Coach Chris’ Olympic Weightlifting Course.”
—Sean Johnson, Head Coach/Owner, Storm King CrossFit, Sequim WA

“Whether someone has aspirations of being a great lifter or even aspirations of being a great Oly coach, everyone has to start from the beginning. What I like about Chris, as instructor for not only athletes but for young Oly coaches, is he doesn’t make the beginning feel so daunting; that progression, when done right, can result in quick improvements in technique and form in addition to spotting errors and cuing properly. Chris is innovative in how he helps each athlete and likes to make sure each athlete is given a proper amount of 1:1 attention. In addition, he is very good about engaging with coaches to make sure he explains why he has picked a certain drill for a certain piece of the puzzle. We, at CrossFit 45 North, love having Chris come and instruct our members – he’s been here twice now! We have seen improvements across the board in a very short amount of time working with him. As an aspiring Oly coach, I too find myself constantly improving upon my own methods, due to his influence. Chris is approachable and patient and I would recommend him to anyone looking to gain experience in Olympic weightlifting.”
—Lindsay Hardison, Owner, CrossFit 45 North, Hillsboro OR

“Chris Douglas has been coaching at my CrossFit gym for over a year now. His knowledge and ability to reach the athlete is unparalleled. His purpose is not only to help and improve the way athletes move, but also the way that Coaches instruct and develop an athlete. Chris helped organize and host a coaches seminar for myself and my team so that we may all understand and apply the same philosophies and teaching techniques that Chris has found to be successful through his program. The experience was invaluable and not only did my team and I learn about our own coaching from the experience, Chris also helped expose some of our own shortcomings which we immediately learned from. The knowledge we learned has made our athletes better and since the Coaches seminar the instruction within my gym is complementary and the coaching is congruent with Chris’s methodologies and progressions.”
—Robert Sax, Owner, CrossFit Amped, Bellevue WA