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Your Top 10 Weightlifting Questions Answered

Daniel Camargo, a 20-year Olympic Weightlifting veteran, addresses the ten most asked questions about weightlifting. You can get his answers here.

  1. Why can I lift more from the hang than the floor?
  2. During a lift, should the bar hit my hips?
  3. My front squat and back squat loads are pretty similar – is this OK?
  4. I can full (squat) snatch and clean when weight is light but as soon as it gets heavy, I can’t get into the full lift (squat). I can only ‘power’ it. Why?
  5. Why do I always catch the snatch on my toes instead of flat-footed?
  6. I bend my arms early in the snatch and the clean. Is this bad?
  7. Are there any special mobility exercises to get better at Olympic Weightlifting?
  8. Why can’t I stop swinging the bar out and away on the snatch and clean?
  9. Should I release the hook grip in the overhead position during the snatch?
  10. How often should I max out?


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