USA Weightlifting

Paramount Barbell Club Coaches

Meet Paramount Barbell Club’s Olympic-style weightlifting program coaches. USAW-sanctioned, Paramount Barbell Club is open to anyone interested in training as an Olympic weightlifter or training the lifts for their sport, no matter your age, history, or strength. Whether you are interested in this sport recreationally or professionally, our coaches will be available to help. For those not familiar with Olympic-style weightlifting, it is comprised of two lifts, the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. Unlike its counterpart, Power Lifting, which is comprised of the squat, deadlift, and bench press, Olympic-style weightlifting requires more than just absolute strength – it tests technical efficiency, speed-strength, and mental toughness.

USAW Sports Performance Coach Christopher Douglas

coach-chris-yelpUSAW Sports Performance Coach and owner of CrossFit Paramount. Coach Chris has a unique style of coaching that makes Paramount Barbell Club stand out from the rest. His eye for detail with coaching the lifts and ability to break down and teach each movement plays a big role in the fast development of athletes. Technique is his number one priority with athletes. Coach Chris also takes the time to make sure each athlete is taken care of by programming individually for each athlete based on need and goals.