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USAW Sports Performance Coach Christopher Douglas

USAW Sports Performance Coach Chris Douglas

USAW Sports Performance Coach Chris Douglas

USAW Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Certificate
CrossFit Football Certificate

Coach Chris has a unique style of coaching that makes Paramount Barbell Club stand out from the rest. His eye for detail with coaching the lifts and ability to break down and teach each movement plays a big role in the fast development of athletes. Technique is his number one priority with athletes and in the long run everyone improves to reach their full potential. Coach Chris also takes the time to make sure each athlete is taken care of by programming individually for each athlete based on need and goals. In addition to coaching athletes at his own gym, Paramount Strength & Conditioning, Coach Chris has hosted over 30 weightlifting clinics at other gyms and at Paramount, for new athletes and CrossFit athletes looking to improve technique.

Athletic Accomplishments

2016 Washington State Championships, 1st Place (85kg)
2016 Senior Nationals, 18th Place (77kg)
2015 Regional Championships One, 4th Place (77kg)
2014 American Open Weightlifting Championships (77kg)
2014 Vulkan Open,  Men’s 1st Place Overall (77kg)
2014 Senior Nationals, 12th Place (77kg)
2014 Fulcrum Open, Men’s 1st Place Overall (85kg)
2014 Paramount Open, 1st Place (77kg)
2013 American Open Weightlifting Championships, 27th (77kg)
2013 Washington Open Championships, 2nd Place (77kg)
2012 Occupy Strength Washington, 2nd Place (lightweight division)

Coaching Accomplishments

2015 USAW Regionals Youth Division 2nd Place (58kg)
2015 USAW Youth Nationals 3rd Place (58kg)
2014 Senior Nationals Qualifier (48kg)
2013 American Open Qualifier (69kg)
2013 American Open Qualifier (48kg)

Coach Chris competing in the 2014 USAW Senior Nationals